Partners and Consultancy

As well as great products, we also offer specialist consultancy services that can be customised for your organisation. Whether it be a third party maintenance company wanting specific services, a reseller with gaps in capability, a distributor looking to replace revenues lost elsewhere, a chat about the industry in general or just a chat – get in touch. We’re flexible and easy to deal with. We won’t take your customers and don’t want to mess up your current business. We want to help your organisation develop with us alongside.

Areas where we can offer support include

  • Product development, localisation and testing
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Business Development
  • Customer support consultancy
  • Partnership negotiation

We have got many years of doing this in the computing and mobile industry. Our international experience and local focus makes us ideally placed to help your organisation.

For instance, a long time ago in a galaxy far far away, we worked for Epson UK and then transferred to the head office in Japan. We developed desktop and laptop computers and also helped them to setup global support networks to improve customer service.

Later at Canon Europe, we developed and localised software for the emerging Multifunctional peripherals that now dominate the marketplace. Some hardened industry veterans said they’d never take off and single function products were the future. But we knew better.

When we were at BT, we launched and managed a world first – A voip smartphone product that was developed by BT with both Microsoft and HTC.

Gavin Patterson (then head of BT Retail) talking about it. (He now runs the whole company). Here’s another one of one of my colleagues doing a demo.

We also managed the partnership between BT and Microsoft, and championed matters within the company and with customers.

Apart from technical and commercial skills, we also have international experience after working in Europe, Asia and the USA for global blue chip companies. So there’s a deep cultural understanding particularly with European countries and the far east including Taiwan and Japan.

Since then, we’ve worked in local education, done some marketing consultancy, worked with a global e-commerce company, and also worked on search engine optimisation for a global search engine company. So whatever your consulting needs may be, we’re definitely equipped, and certainly qualified.

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